Should I buy fast RAM ?

I am making my PC now with the following configuration:

i7 860 , 4 GB RAM, GTX 260 , two sata hard drives

and I have in my market only these types of RAMs

AData 1333, Kingstone 1333, Kingstone 1600 hyperx, OCZ 1600

the prices between ordinary 1333 and 1600 bus is big in my country.

so should I buy expensive RAM modules like OCZ and hyperx or just ordinary RAM like Kingstone or AData ? is it much significant to the speed of my PC ?

I use my PC for making windows software and play heavy 3d Games.

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    I would go for the 1333. Not that much difference.
  2. Adata or kingstone ?

  3. I would go for the cheaper mainstream RAM, I could go as low as 1066 speed and will not notice any difference on gaming, for faster FPS I recommend getting faster video card, mine is Radeon 4830 and it works great
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