Which upgrade path is right for me?

I'm really stuck in the middle of deciding how to upgrade. Current Specs: Gigabyte P35 DS3L Motherboard Intel E2180 CPU @ 3.0ghz Freezer 7 Pro HSF 4gb DDR2 @ ~960mhz (2xgeil,2xcorsair) HIS Radeon 4850 @ Stock Corsair 520HX Modular PSU CM 690 case with 5 120m fans Uses: Some internet,mp3s,movies but mostly games. I play wow, MW2, L4D2 and others. Upgrade idea 1: Find a decent quad core cpu for my current setup such as a Q9450 or Q9550 and just slap that in there. Overclock it, and use it till bloomfield comes out. (6 core) Addition to upgrade idea 1: Could upgrade my 4850 to a newer video card, or find a cheap motherboard for that socket and run 4850s in CF. Upgrade Option 2: Build an i7 920 system. Expense would put this upgrade AFTER christmas as opposed to be able to buy a cpu now. Conclusion: Im actually pretty happy with my performance for now, I just got the upgrading blues. I just threw in the extra 2gb ram into my computer so thats what started it lol.
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  1. Wait for the Gulftowns and next gen nVidia cards to come out. Start saving money. There will also be new X58 motherboards that come with USB 3 and SATA 6 gb/s.
  2. So even though I have enough money for the new stuff and a Q9550 now I should just wait?

    My FPS seems fine in games but some things I do notice some sloweness that bothers me (like closing wow takes forever for some reason, not just minimizing, closing).

    I think I've had this setup for what, 2 years now? Just tired of the same old computer. Maybe Ill start overclocking again. I've had it to 3.95 stable enough to run 3dMark06 back in the day when I first got it. Maybe I could get some water cooling lol.
  3. pwndeta said:
    Conclusion: Im actually pretty happy with my performance for now, I just got the upgrading blues.

    You answered your question right there. If you are satisfied now, then save for the future.
  4. What BadTrip said. You know the answer really. Save it, get yourselfa really nice rig in the new year. If you absolutely must, see if you can pick up a Q6600 or similar on the cheap (you'd then have a rig very similar to mine). I'm hoping to wait, and at some point in the middle of next year, build myself a spanking new multi GPU system just because I can!
  5. I would personally put in a Q9550 and change to a single more powerful videocard such as an ati 58xx series. That should be plenty powerful for you for easy 1 year, 2 of you feel like milking it.

    Get budjet parts to build a secondary machine with the old cpu and videocard and sell it to a friend at a fair price or keep it as your secondary PC...

    Overall, if you are satisfied with your performance as others said, it is best to save up more and get that I7 you wanted. It would be more costly but quite a bit more powerful.
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