How can i repair my lg 500gb external hard drive

My external hard disk drive gave a message that it wants to be formatted before i use it, but when i format it it refuses and says it cannot complete formatting and i cannot get access to the drive. what can i do to format it?
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  1. Is there data on the drive that you need to recover? That will direct the answers one way or another.

    As always, you can try new cables, another computer, or removing the drive from the external casing and connecting it directly to the motherboard.
  2. Seems people are having good success using to recover files, try that program.
  3. LG 500gb external hard drive not working.i think,connection port's pins to repair it? i want save my all files in the H drive.pls help me..
  4. what can do?
  5. lg500 said:
    ...connection port's pins damage...
    This damage is not clear to us. The USB or the Power Connector is damaged?
  6. christinebcw said:
    lg500 said:
    ...connection port's pins damage...
    This damage is not clear to us. The USB or the Power Connector is damaged?

    power connector in the disk.
  7. lg500 said:
    ...power connector in the disk.
    This still isn't clear. Do you mean the hard drive's power connector, or the external case's? And if it's the hard-drive, is it an IDE or SATA?

    Here's a pix of the two kind of hard-drives - IDE is on top, and the right-most connector is the Power Connector. The lower drive is a new-style SATA drive, and it has two possible power connectors - one of the far left, a flat slot-style connector, and then on the far-right, the old-style 4-pin molex power connector. Are these the damaged power connectors?

    Or do you mean the external case's power connector?

    If it's the external case's power connector, you can open the case, pull out the hard drive and use it either as an internal drive in your computer, or get another external case. (Or, with a USB-to-IDE-SATA kit, use is as a bare drive, sitting outside of the computer.) These are relatively inexpensive and they offer a variety of color choices. You must be sure to choose the correct internal connectors - IDE or SATA - depending on the hard-drive's type.

    (We can provide you with a lot of information, but your too-brief answers don't allow us to be specific, so we can ramble on with every possible permutation of options... but we really need specifics from you.)
  8. Thank you very much christinbcw.... its a external case's power connector..your answer very helpful..thanks again.
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