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I have a Windows XP Pro (sp3) machine that is used as a file server. It has an attached USB drive enclosure (RAID), which I use for file storage. It is shared - for authenticated network users.

I have a wireless G/N network, using Linksys 160N router with DD-WRT.

I have a Windows XP Pro (sp3) laptop with 2 wireless cards (G and N), which I am using to connect to my file server. Laptop has a network drive mapped to the shared USB drive. I use one card or the other, with the same luck (see below).

Here are some stats...
1. SERVER: Using CliBench, when directly on the server machine, on the USB drive, shows speed of about 12,000 kByte/sec read/write. Not too shabby, but I can live with it.

2. LAPTOP: Using CliBench on the mapped shared drive, shows drive's speed of about 1,200 kByte/sec (10 times slower) read/write.

For giggles, I created a share on the file server's primary hard drive (sATA). CliBench shows 60,000 kbyte/sec read/write average, when directly on the server, and same 1,200 kbyte when mapped to it across the wireless network.

There are no other users on the wireless net, it is secure, and my signal strength is strong in both G (56Mps) and N(130Mps) connections. If using an internet speed test utility from the laptop, it shows about 22Mbps download and about 5Mbps upload speed, so it is definitely fast enough...

Any idea as to why the drive(s), when mapped, are soooo slow? I am moving photo/video files between the laptop and file server, and I want to be able to use my N (even at 130Mps!)

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  1. An interesting addition... I plugged the laptop directly into the router (The router, the server and laptop are all 100Mbit). Access speed to the mapped drives DID NOT change... So, it is not the wireless.

    I changed the provider order on the Server & Laptop to have Microsoft Windows Network be the first item. That helped a bit - now the transfer speed is about 3,000 kbyte/sec, but still much slower than what it should be..

  2. It depends upon the speed test........
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