How to Overclock GTS 250 1GB

I wannna overclock my gpu for best performance and quality,
How to Overclock GTS 250 1GB?
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  1. Download MSI afterburner, regardless of who built your card. I've got my GTS 250 up to 775mhz stable w/o adding voltage.
  2. Download latest drivers.
    Download EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner.
    Don't hold your breath expecting a sudden 30FPS increase. 3 to 5 FPS is more likely.
  3. I have downloaded MSI Afterburner, I dont know the steps for overclocking. Plz tell me that how to overclock Correctly and safely with avg. temperature using MSI Afterburner without any problems and overheating issues of graphics card?
  4. Google MSI Afterburner manual and choose from a variety of instructions offered.
    A 15% overclock would probably be the top limit on that video card and you might gain 3 to 5 FPS depending on what games you play.
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