Strange results in memtest86

i the lass few days i had mysterious blue-screens in windows.
When i ran memtest86 ("official" v3.5 build), it stopped after few minutes, not with error but with some "interrupt".
later, i ran v3.5 and v2.01 and there weren't errors or freezes in more than 7 passes.
where can the problem be?
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  1. Try memtest86+ version 4.0:
    I know that doesn't really help with your question, but the original memtest is not kept as up to date.
  2. i tested also with MS memory diag. tool - no error for more than 6 hours.
    when i returned to windows - the blue screens returned
  3. Maybe memory isnt the problem, have you overclocked your CPU at all?
  4. no. (btw, i tried to underclock the RAM, but it didn't help)
  5. Please provide:
    1. The error reported in the blue screen
    2. A list of all system specs and age
    3. An explanation of anything that is new or has changed recently
  6. the errors are
    and more.
    there are also kernel errors in linux (i ran 3 different distributions from CDs).
    but...i ran memtest v4.0 for more than 3 hours - no errors.
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