Upgrading CPU E6850 to Q9550 - Is it worth it

My birthday's on Thaksgiving this year and I was wondering is it worth upgrading my cpu from a E6850 to Q9550? I really would like to just upgrade to an I7, but can't afford to right now.
My computer's mainly used for Gaming and work.
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  1. Yeah that will be a pretty good upgrade. Just make sure you have sufficient airflow for the added heat output.
  2. Yeah, I keep the case open with a fan going under my desk because it's in the corner where the airflow isn't that great on warm days
  3. I would say that it would be a decent upgrade (that is without having to upgrade the whole platform) the Q9550 is a very nice chip.

    In other news... are you perhaps selling that C2D for very cheap? if so, i'm interested, LOL
  4. yep, specially if you overclock that puppy an extra 500Mhz =)

    your CCF should keep the CPU at tolerable temps....
  5. Unless you do a lot of video encoding that uses all four cores you won't see any real world difference.
  6. I use Novatime 3000 which run on SQL 2005 during the day & game at night, so I think the two extra cores will at least help during work hours.
    I'll also over clock it to 3.4ghz
  7. If you are going to overclock, you should be able to reach 3.4 - 3.6 GHz, especially with an E0 core, using the Sunbeam cooler.
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