Mozy or carbonite?

i wanted opinions on which online backup yal would recommend. mozy or carbonite? thanks!
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  1. I'm out of this discussion. I use online backups about as much as I would safeguard my valuables by giving some guy on the street ten bucks to look after them.

    Even if the service is honest and competent, I would think that cloud storage of valuable data would be a target for hackers.
  2. I've heard good things about carbonite and have rarely heard anything about Mozy (not that it's a bad service). Also, I'm sure that anyone that is in the business of storing other people's data s will have strong security. Of course that doesn't mean it can't be hacked, but strong security is better than no security.

    I'm in the same boat as WyomingKnot though. I'd rather buy more storage drives to backup to than rely on a cloud service.
  3. Keeping the data on multiple drives yourself is only good as long as your house doesn't burn down or is flooded etc. I agree with the concerns about cloud based storage, but if you're worried about security, take a look at Dynamic Vault All data is encrypted and compressed on your machine. They then store your data encrypted on their servers and you get the only copy of the encryption key. They offer the option to keep a record of it for you if you want them to in case you loose it (probably more likely than a hacker obtaining your data). It's meant for businesses/enterprises and also offers such things as remote VM backup transferring only the deltas of the VM Image to reduce bandwidth. These images can then be turned on at their remote facility for DR purposes.
  4. My computer crashed in the past; unfortunately I lost all data and photos backed up on it I was then with Mozy and suffered from their complications and bad support so I cancelled my subscription with them. I thought about external drive but it’s not safe too, so I decided to go with online back. Luckily, after a lot of research I came into Timeline Cloud, they backup to Amazon S3. Plus they have cloud disaster recovery a great feature I did not find in any other software. The set up only took 5 minutes; I was able to send an invitation to my daughter at college all she need to do is click the link to start full protection in minutes. Now I can feel safer that all of my family data is securely backed up with high encryption level .Defiantly recommend checking them. You can check them here:
  5. amazon s3 is terrible
  6. is the best
  7. What??? Carbonite is the best? in what era you live? maybe 90s
    First, they lost their customers data in 2009!!!!! imagine, they put their paid customer on a RAID 5 or 6 hard disks, OMG, no offsite backup even
    Now in terms of technology, they got ZERO technology, i backup my 2 GB Outlook PST files, each time i receive an email carbonite backs the whole file up, OMG, its like the 80s now!!!, Mozy and Timeline Cloud support Block Level Technology which they backup only changed block of the file, and its soooooooooooooooo slow, it takes weeks to backup 50 GB!!!, No real cloud management, they got a silly billing system they call it cloud management, their software and technology is soo primitive, no easy restore, no decent search, can not locate my Outlook Files, i have manually go deep in the system to select them!!!, i can go on for hours, bottom line, if you are smart and value your data, stay away from carbonite

    These are facts, and everyone should know about
  8. Yea thats one of the reasons I liked , they had the option to turn up VMs for me if I imaged my machines or overnight an encrypted drive to me with all my data. They also supports block level deltas to avoid uploading huge files every time they change. Mozy and carbonite are not for people or companies that really care about their data.
  9. Just a note to anyone considering Mozy. I decided to cancel because of their recent changes, after being a customer for 3 years. I canceled on the day of my payment and they wouldn't refund it, or even a prorated amount. I went back-and-forth with their customer service, who told me they're very sorry, but they're happy to keep my money, even though they only gave me one day of service. I'm only out $5, but I thought I'd let people know that's how they treat loyal long-term customers.
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