PC Turns On, Fans Spin But NO Image Whatsoever

My mates PC is new. He cannot even access the BIOS at the moment. Does this suggest a faulty mobo?? Plus, he HAS had windows 7 up and running a few times but then it will crash. Randomly it will decide to boot tho.
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  1. First guess is a RAM issue, second would be a problem with the power supply. What are the specs on the system, and did he build it himself, or buy it pre-built?
  2. My first thought is the 4/8 pin CPU power. Is it connected securely?

    Is there a motherboard speaker? Any beeps?
  3. Here's a checklist to assist in troubleshooting:


    I suggest performing EVERY step in the checklist and letting us know how it goes. I agree with capt_taco, it sounds suspiciously like a RAM issue.
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