Upgrade from E6600?

Hey guys,

Since it's getting very close to black friday/cyber monday, I was debating between dropping some money on my rig.

Right now I'm on an e6600 + evga 680i sli with a gtx260.

The cpu is clocked around 3.0 GHz.

I was wondering if it might be worthwhile to just buy another 775 cpu and drop it in there, or if I should save my money for maybe christmas and just upgrade to i5 or PII 955. I do mostly gaming on this rig, so I'm wondering if there will be some sort of significant gain, if I dropped in like an e8400 or Q8400, assuming there is a good deal?

I do plan on overclocking, and last time I had my hands on an e8400, I ran it stably at 3.8 and that was even an earlier stepping.

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  1. Upgrading to another dual core won't result in any significant performance.

    Why don't you OC your E6600 some more? If you do get a a Q8400, you'd have to OC it some more to see any noticeable gain.
  2. I vote for going nehalem at xmas. i5 750s are what? $200? There's a gigabyte P55 motherboard at zipzoomfly for black friday for $80, microatx though
  3. Regarding the overclocking, I seem to have hit a strange wall in terms of overclocking, because i cant seem to get it stable without running some more than 1.45V through it, which i dont feel safe running 24/7. I'm not sure if its the board or the cpu, but I dont think i can squeeze much more performance from this cpu.

    The thing i have about i5 is that I'd have to grab some new ddr3 memory as well, which will tack on about another $100 to the price, whereas if i went an am2+ board, i could still get a 955 and keep using my ddr2.

    Though I'm not sure what this would be costing me in the long run since I'm not sure if Amd is going to continue support for the legacy sockets.
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    nVidia has said that the 680i will not support the Yorkfield (45 nm) quad cores.

    The eVGA support forums agree. And I couldn't run a Q6600 faster than stock in my eVGA 680i motherboard. I found that a little strange because I got an E6600 up to 3.6 GHz.

    You may be better off upgrading to a more modern platform.
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