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Hi I am trying to update an Aopen i865PEa-7IF motherboard bios from Ver. R 1.00 to Ver. R 1.03 using Ezwin their windows based flash utility but every time I try I get an error after 1% saying "Verify Failure". I have tried numerous times downloading the files but constantly get this error, I have even tried Ver. R 1.02. Does anyone know what could cause this.

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  1. A bad flash will ruin your MB beyond repair

    NEVER reflash from windows, always reflash from disk

    NEVER reflash unless you NEED some new feature that is not in your current bios
  2. there is always a way to flash your mb bios prior to booting into windows.. find out that method. (i've never heard of Aopen before so I can't really help you with that)

    it is the safest way possible. if you disrupt a flash, your motherboard will fail to boot. only way to fix it is to send it back to the company and have them reflash it. i've done it before, learned my lesson flashing in windows.
  3. A motherboard can sometimes be recovered by an archaic procedure when a flash goes wrong. Just get online and read through your motherboard manual... if my memory is correct, this typically involves booting from a floppy disk that re-writes a basic version of the BIOS. During this primitive flash, you won't see any video at all... you'll have disk activity on the floppy and when you power the system off and back on, voila. In some cases your problem is recoverable so don't give up just yet.

    And like someone else said... do NOT flash your BIOS just for the hell of it. If you have a specific problem, sure... go for it! Also, it's generally a bad idea to flash from within a busy OS.
  4. Thanks for your replies, I have on numerous occasions flashed bios chips with success but Aopen do not appear to have a Dos flash for this board (unless it is somewhere I am missing?). I need to do this to correct a mass storage problem I am experiencing and the latest bios addresses this. This board also has a DieHard bios so I am not too worried about the flash going wrong its just that the flash will not run?
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