Is the Crosshair III Formula Motherboard discontinued?

Is the Crosshair III Formula Motherboard Discontinued?
Is Asus coming out with a new motherboards for AM3?

I have been planning on getting a new computer for the last couple of months and I finally am ready to build myself one. In the last week Newegg, and TigerDirect went out of stock, and Amazon said it is 1-2 months on back order, I have seen some on ebay, but dont really want to buy it off of there. I need this motherboard because I am running 2 Saphire 5770 video cards.
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  1. I dont think its discontinued because there are still a lot of places selling them, it is still on there website, and there is no news (that I know of) of there being a replacement. Boards such as the M4A79T Deluxe are probably more equipped than the cross hair now.
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