My second build =D Antec 1200 / Questions.

I am pretty sure I have everything good and read, I know theres no mouse in the list but, I'm getting one of them from preformence Pc's =D.

So just for verification are all these parts compatible? Should I swap out any parts, could I do better?

Heres an image of the whole rig :)

Am I missing anything in the list?

The current wishlist your looking at misses some items in the image, but I'm not ordering EVERYTHING yet..
Still saving.. I just need to know if i have all the items I need to get the system running and good to go.

I have a hard drive I'm gonna use here already, I'll get a better one later.

SO everything is good to go yup? Just wanna make sure, before I submit a 1100$ order lol.
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  1. Your getting all that for only $1,100 ? Not bad. Could you link me to where your getting such a good deal on that please.
  2. Are the two monitors included in the 1100? If so that is absolutely amazing, i too would like to know where you are getting it. I just priced out the parts from memory and came to ~1200 and i didnt even make it any farther right than windows.
  3. Oh snap I forgot to post the link to my wishlist SORRY! XD
  4. Ahh, i feel alot better, that wishlist doesnt have half the stuff in that picture. Those prices i can believe.
  5. If all that was THAT cheap... I would buy it ASAP and resell it.

    PS: Got a video card I'm gonna use already.
  6. Is bumping allowed? xD
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