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I have a question about cpu bottlenecks. I realize the basics, video cards only pull so much weight in todays games, and an old P4 is definitely going to restrict a new graphics card, but is there an easy way to tell when a graphics card is to much for a cpu?

In my case I have an e8500 @ 4.0 and play on a res of 1440x900

Would one of the new 5870's be bottlenecked by my cpu, or, more suited for my resolution do you think that one of the new 5850's would be bottlenecked?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You should be fine with a 5850 (if you can find one) .....

    It really depends on the game you play....For example if you play Crysis/FSX/GTA4 etc.. then yes you will have somewhat of a bottleneck... if you play CoD, L4D, WoW etc... then you should be fine with a 5850.....
  2. I think a 4870 or 4890 would do wonders for you if you are only running 1440x900. Save quite a bit of cash that way as well.
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