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gents, my computer is running very very slowly, and also freezes all the time. i would like to restore it to factory settings, but dont have any sort of disc ,( or idea ,for that matter), to do this.. how should i attack this problem? when i 1st got it , it ran on windows me, now i think its on windows pro, thanks to a friend who thought he knew whaat he was doing
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  1. sry
  2. The computer is a Packard Bell Intel ®, Pentium ®, 4 CPU 3.06ghz,
    . It's Microsoft Windows XP, Media Center Edition
  3. You probably just need to re-install windows - whatever version you are using. The longer you leave it, the more crap you get clogging it up.

    Try to find somebody who has a windows disc and knows how to find your windows key (assuming you've lost it or it isn't glued to the side of your pc).

    Even if you dont have a windows disc, you still have a key - and any same-version windows disc will allow you to reinstall it freshly, resetting your pc back to it's default state.
  4. thanks jenny, i have the key still... any idea how to get the disk?
  5. How much RAM do you have? You might want to upgrade your RAM to at least 1GB if you don't have that.

    Also, your HDD might be clogged with crapware...reinstalling windows like jennyh suggested might help. Usually, brand name PCs have a "factory restore" setting that lets you revert everything back to when you originally got the PC.
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