I7 2600K Temps high?

Hey, I have the i7 2600k and the evga p67 FTW Mobo, My Cpu is clocked at 4589.6 using E-LEET and my Mobo shows a temp of 43-44 and core temp 37-45 Thats ideling at my desktop. Now while i game, Like WoW it runs in the 50s When i play Battlefield 3 or Modern warfare 3 it sometimes peaks 79-85c, is that about right? I have the corsair H70 with areocool shark fans, Rear fan pushing in cold air into the rad, With the other pulling it through.

Just did a prime 95, Normal blend test, CPU maxed out at 74c for 5mins of testing.

Doing a max heat test, Peaked 83 Stayed around 78 -81 for 5mins.
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  1. Wow nice overclock.

    Peaking at 85C isn't too bad - but I would worry about running it at the high of a temperature for too long. Remember - heat can prematurely kill CPU's as well as any component.

    Also idling at 37-45 isn't too bad as well.

    But your other temps for WOW and the other games are absolutely fine (besides BF3 or MWF3).

    If you want to bring the heat down - maybe try shaving off a few hundered Mhz's.

    If you don't want to do that well - well theres some articles somewhere about smoothing out your contact for your CPU cooler - and re-applying the paste etc.

    I would gladly take a 4.2Ghz overclock over 4.5 if it meant giving my CPU/mobo a longer life.
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