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Hey all,
I just finished a new build ... The first time I turned it on it worked, then after 20 seconds it jammed and restarted like 2 times; then I shut it down for 2 minutes, then it worked and I installed windows 7, during instillation the PC restarted couple of times and done the same thing. Now the PC is restarting all the time and nothing is shown on the Monitor.
Please help :(
Thanks in advance

PC sepc:
CPU: Intel Core i7 860
RAM: 4*2 G DDR3 @1333 Mhz
MoBo: MSI P55-GD65
HDD: WD 500 Giga @ 7200rpm
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 650w

Thanks again :)
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  1. sorry to hear that happen on your new build. but it sounds like the power supply is bad. check all your wireing and fans(even tho that your fans might be new they maybe bad if so, it will cause your PSU to restart), and if your 100% sure there all good replace your PSU. good luck :) (sry for bad gramer)

    Imo when i do a new build, i try to avoid the cases with the power supply included.. if your going to dump money into a build try to spend a lil extra on your PSU and nvr under power your system! as i see you have a good one but doesent mean
    it might be unstable.
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