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Which power supply products fit into a socket 775?
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  1. Hmm think it would be easier to elaborate to us what set up u running so we can better advise on which PSU according to your $$/needs
  2. It's very temping to screenshot this question and add a 'fail' stamp onto it.

    Power supplies don't only work for a single socket. The variables that make the difference are the components used.

    If you've got a 8 year old motherboard, you only need a 20 pin power lead to your motherboard, if you're board is only a few years old you'll need a 20+4 pin connection. One or two years old would normally need a 20+4 and 4 pin connection and some of the latest boards need 20+4 and 8pin connection.

    If you plan on having a SLI setup, you need a power supply that will produce enough power and also have the right amount of leads needed to plug into your GPUs.

    For an average system, 500W is fine.
    For a gamer system, around 750W is fine.
    For an enthusiast or anyone who has too much money a nice 1000+W supply will be fine.

    Just remember to get a PSU that will cover your computers power needs, as well as cable needs. That's all there is to it.
  3. The Corsair HX520W will always be enough if you stick to one single gpu graphics card and it is modular and has all the cables you need.
  4. The PSU really depends on the hardware setup around it (specially the video card). What is your video card? How many optical drives do you have? Are they SATA or IDE? Is your hard drive SATA or IDE?
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