Could it be the power supply????

I had another post in Graphics Cards due to it freezing up during games. I did a little research and some thinking; could it be the power supply failing to give the graphics card power? It's a 750W XCLIO which should be PLENTY of power for just a single 3870 Radeon. It seems unlikely to me but it's the only possible reason to the problem other than the graphics card itself. What happens is during games that are demanding like Crysis, MW2, and Fallout 3 are occasionally hard-locking the computer and I have to manually shut it off and start over. Since there were no errors on my E8400 overclock at 3.6GHz for 26 hours I can only assume the power supply since gaming (as I can only imagine) uses the most of the power supply as opposed to prime95.

What do you guys think? Anyone had any problems with XCLIO? It is a bit of an off-brand but my last PSU was XCLIO 550W and that worked fine. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to replace here :-/
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  1. XCLIO is rated as tier 2 meaning it should be quite solid. All Corsair PSUs are tier 2 as well.

    That being said it sure does sound like a PSU failing under load issue. Even quality manufacturers can have bad units sometimes.
  2. if the PSU were failing to supply enough power, i would expect the4 system to shut off rather than freeze.

    it sounds more like a faulty GPU, or bad drivers.

    at any rate, i highly doubt it could be the psu. especially since you're talking a 750w powering a 3870.
  3. What about your temps as well?

    It could be overheating too...
  4. What happens if you drop the CPU overclock?
  5. ok i've dropped the cpu overclock by limiting the multiplier and having everything else stock and it still does it. the temps have never gone above 80C which is normal for the 3870 from what i've read. and i do have the latest drivers as of a week ago and that update didn't change anything. i will take it out and check the contact of the heatsink. i'll get back to you guys probably tomorrow
  6. Does Task Manager show any processes driving up CPU utilization?
  7. during gaming the cpu utilization is not actually used very much; occasionally reaching the 80%.

    and i've decided i'll just get another video card probably next week. i don't have the money or the resources to test the equipment i already have :-( i just hope it's the video card and not the PSU
  8. Well, that's normal.
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