This system looks SICK! Where can I find the Liquid cooling hoses?

What are all the parts they used for that liquid cooling setup? Does anyone know??
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  1. It does look nice.

    The tubing is "anti-kink" tubing. If you google it you will find results. I'm trying to find a shop selling clear anti-kink tubing for you.. I'll post again if I do.
  2. Okay so I found the LCD they used its a Scythe KM01-BK "KAZE MASTER" 5.25

    The tubing they used is Tygon 3603 3/8" ID (5/8" OD) Clear Tubing
    With some anti kink coils.. Not sure which size coil I would need to get yet.

    But they also painted the inside of the case high gloss black automobile paint, which isin't hard to do.

    Sorry if this is a noob question but in the first pick what is the thing the hoses are hooked up too?

    Also is that hooked up at the hard drives?? How do you liquid cool a hard drive?

    I could repaint the coils if need be..
  3. In the first picture the tubes are hooked up to the two graphic cards using GPU water blocks.

    And no.. it's not hooked up to hard drives.
    Hard drives never get hot enough to even need air cooling really.

    Most cases will have the front intake fan blowing over the hard drive cage though, this helps cool hard drive arrays as having 2-3 on top of each other makes the top drives rather hot.

    Just a side note.. and I don't want to offend with this..

    But if you didn't know what a GPU block looks like, or whether 'liquid cooling a hard drive' would be useful, a liquid cooled build might be a bit demanding for you.

    In todays market there are many single solutions for water cooling. The Freezone Elite has the best temps of any water cooling system I've ever seen.. and it's just a plug and play job.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Holy cow, now I seen everything.
    This looks like friggin plastic coil we use to spiral bind books with! The more I look, the more I think that is exactly what it is.
    I would have to see one in person to be sure, but you can go to office max or Kinkos, or just about any copy shop, and buy this stuff in sizes ranging from 6mm to 50mm diameter in 2mm increments, in 12-15" or 36-40" lengths, in a variety of colors, for a few cents a piece. The most common sizes being 10-24mm, and most common colors stocked are black, white, red, blue. But it comes in just about every color you can imagine, even clear.
    Man, we have thousands and thousands of pieces of this stuff in stock on the shelf at work in just about any color you can imagine, and we pay about 5 cents a piece for it, I could make a killing selling this stuff!
  5. Wow I'm sure they didn't use notebook coils in that image, look at it closer.

    So I found everything they have used pretty much!

    For the tubes they used:

    For the coils around the tubes:

    For the GPU Waterblock: ... cts_id=335

    For the CPU Waterblock: ... FANSWAPGTZ
    For the CPU Waterblock i7 Core Adapter: ... d_id=SWCI7

    For the LCD Panel: ... 6811998038

    Havn't found radiator or resovoir yet.
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