Silly question -- ISP assigned IP with different subnet than router

Hello --

I have a wireless G router that's working fine (one PC is hardwired, the others are wifi) but am just digging into a few of the more advanced settings to make it more secure.

The router is set to automatically grab the IP address from my ISP (basic cable broadband), but I've noticed that the WAN IP subnet is

Conversely, the internal (local) default subnet mask for the router is

Since I am assuming I need to leave the WAN subnet with whatever my ISP throws at me, should I change the local subnet to match, or will it make no difference whatsoever?

I've searched the web and it seems like the only difference is the number of clients needed... As I am a home user I'd say 10 would be overkill, so there is no reason for me to worry about the ability to have hundreds.

Please advise.

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  1. No need to change it.

    If you want to make it more secure look at MAC filtering
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