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Changing my CPU fan Need some Help

I currently have a Dell Dimension E510 with a Pentium 4 640 CPU, 3GB RAM, Windows XP. My computer has been making a buzzing noise for the past year or so and I'm guessing it's either the CPU fan or the Power Supply fan. I'm replacing both this Christmas and I need some help doing it. For the power supply I already have one in mind and I already have a CPU fan in mind too ( I was just wondering how do you install a new CPU fan, are there any other things I need to buy alongside my CPU fan, and what criteria should I look at when choosing a fan?

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    It is vital to remember to get a fan, especially for the CPU, that is compatible with Dell Motherboards. I take it that you'll be replacing the whole unit, i.e. the heatsink and all, correct? Their motherboards are built different so you cannot put universal parts on them. If it just the fan, disregard the above.
  2. I would keep the fan and replace the Dell. Not to be funny but next time you buy a PC, consider buying the parts and building it yourself. This way you won't run into proprietary components like Dell and nor be able to install standard HSF.
  3. You can confirm what fan is causing the noise by turning the system off, opening the case, sticking a pencil or other object into the fan to prevent it from rotating, and then turning the power on. If the noise is gone, the fan you've stopped is the one that was making the noise - confirm it by removing the pencil and listening for the noise as the fan spins up.
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