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My mother board has the SATA connections. I've connected a SATA drive to one of the buses but I don't know how to make the CMOS recognize there is a SATA drive powered up and connected. There is one one setting in the BIOS about SATA but there is no recognition. How do I get the MB to recognize the addition of a SATA drive.
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  1. Got the power supply lead connected? I also recommend you prep a new drive with the manufacturer's software. I use maxblast 5 for maxtor and seagate drives; other brands have similar software.
  2. Yes the power supply is connected. The problem is that the system does not recoginize that I have SATA drives conncted to the mother board. If there is an alternate cmos panel that I can access other than hitting the DEL key to change the system settings I'd like to know.
    Any ideas?
  3. First check your bios settings and use "ide" for the sata setting if it's a separate option from the raid setting. Then try disconnecting the other drives after you burn a cd of the software, and use it as a bootdisk. Once you prep the sata drive and select it as a boot or secondary drive, you shouldn't have any problems getting the system to recognize it. If you're using it with some other ide drives, set them as secondary or "slave" using the drive jumpers. Most of the hardrive software lets you clone another drive. With maxblast 5, it only takes about 5 minutes to download and install; then you use the utilities section to prep and make a drive to drive copy.
  4. VIA chipsets don't support SATA 3.0 Gb/s drives. Check the manufacturer's support documentation for information on how to change the SATA mode from 3.0 Gb/s to 1.5 Gb/s, either by hardware jumper or software utility.
  5. Wow, I stumbled on this reply by accident (looking for something else) and NOW I know why my VIA-chipset, older MSI mobo isn't seeing the new 500-GB WD HD I just got. I was getting pretty ticked and not sure what to do about it. At least this gives me a direction. Thanks, tcsenter!
  6. I too have an older MB with VIA K8T800 Pro chipset (used for Windows Home Server). It would not recognize a new Hitachi 1TB Sata 3 drive on the onboard connectors in BIOS. Did you try using a sata 3 PCI controller card to see if that gets around the VIA chipset limitation?

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