I just added a gtx 275 to my system, everything is running great until I put in FarCry 2, it heats up to around 70C or so and my alarm starts going off and I quit. No overclocking or anything like that. I have the stock cpu fan on my intel q8200 quad core. My question is, do I need to have an aftermarket cpu fan in order to run the combination of this gtx 275 and the more modern games. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Which is tripping an alarm, the video card or CPU? They really don't have that much to do with each other as far as temps go. You should be able to pair those up with no problem. Try tying up your cables and blow out all the dust from your fans and vents. You may just need more airflow. If that doesn't work, you may need to get an aftermarket cooler for your GPU.
  2. Is it the GPU or the CPU that's getting to 70C?
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