Graphic card making comp crash?

I never had a problem untill i got my new ati 4970. Now about once a night while playing WoW ill get bluescreen or it will shutoff on me. So i started looking at temps and my graphics card idles with no games playing at about 42c and when im playing WoW it goes to about 54c and im wondering if thats normal. The only thing i could think of is i have a bit of a cable managment issue but that couldnt be causing it to overheat that bad could it? im also using an antec 900 case so i thought that would be close to overheat proof?
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  1. A 4870 at 54c is far from overheating. That temp is great if that's what you're getting under load. I think your problem lies with drivers, or elsewhere.
  2. Some 4870's go up to almost 90'C at load, 54'C is consider yourself very lucky. Your GPU has VERY cool temperatures and probably has a good after-market cooler.
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