Two Questions on a 955 BE and 1100T BE

Hey guys, just looking for some opinions on my situation here. I have currently have two rigs that I am trying to pin down in terms of OCing. Both rigs are on Gigabyte 970A-UD3 MB's.

The 955 setup on stock cooling is running 4ghz @ 1.375 Vcore... temps are around 43C idle and 52-55 under load (ie BF3); max seems to be Prime95 where it may hit 60C tops. I was wondering if those temps are acceptable? (and if I should bother with an aftermarket cooler, money is an issue atm).

The 1100T setup isn't faring as well it seems. The stock cooler seems to be running at high rpm's most of the time, and the CPU is currently at 3.5ghz @ 1.35Vcore and Prime95 loads hitting around 62C. I think it has a harder time hitting the 4ghz mark or higher without a significant voltage (and thereby heat) increase. I will probably need an aftermarket cooler for this one I believe so any recommendations on a good (pref. under $30) CPU cooler would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any and all input! :hello:
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    Hyper 212+

    ^Thats the original it has great reviews and only $25

    ^ That is the EVO version of the 212+ (Its has a different fan but idk if it offsets the extra $9 you have to pay.

    Either one you choose will be waaaaay better than the stock cooling.
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