Orange Amp case mod

Hey guys.

I recently recieved a free PC. It's pretty old but not archaic so I've decided to dump linux on it (as opposed to that nasty XP) and modify the case. It's a mATX board with an ATX PSU and I was thinking of making it look like an Orange Amps head unit. Like so:

The sides of the front panel will not quite reach the sides of the enclosure to allow airflow (and potentially CCFLs) but outside of this I want it to look as authentic as possible. Also, I was thinking about putting the internalls on wheels so the case won't need a removable panel.

I am still in the planning stages but wanted to ask some advice...

Can anyone think where, in the UK, I can get that material (or something similar) to cover the wooden elements of the case?

What is the easiest way to generate Orange light? Orange LEDs or white CCFLs with orange filters?

If anyone has any ideas or other suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Cheers, Miles
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  1. awesome idea, good luck. Sorry I can't answer anything other than orange LEDs are cooler looking than white with orange filters.
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