Screen flickering ( only at the top)

Screen flickering only at the top of the screen...
what could have caused this ?

Possible dirty video card port ?? causing static maybe pls help getting really annoying and getting scary thoughs :( :( :(

or something more sinister....

my video card could still play games so not probably the video card..
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  1. Knowing the type of monitor would help. Is it a CRT or an LCD monitor?
  2. CRT monitor
  3. especially on white or when browsing
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    There are a few possibilities, but it might indicate a hardware malfunction. It could be the video card (easy to test by trying a different video card) or the monitor itself. Have you tried different refresh rates (70 Hz or faster is best)?

    Unless it's a high-end unit, used CRT monitors can be had for next to nothing.
  5. the more faster refresh rate the more flicker it does somehow cant understand why it flickers most when i'm using the net but in games nt so much though...
  6. thank you SIR GHislain tried to go to 85hz and it went ok and adjusted the rotation thing and the flickering is gone
  7. Most people don't seem to notice screen flickering at 60 Hz, but some of us do at refresh rates below 72 Hz. Glad to know that increasing the refresh rate resolved the issue.
  8. With EVGA Precision X 16 I was able to get rid of mine going from 60 to 72 Hz. I literally just noticed it, idk why it took me so long to see it!
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