PC-Chips 830 LR and additional RAM

Does PC-CHips 830LR ancient board support 1GB DDR modules?

Where can I find the manual?
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  1. I downloaded the manual, and it doesn't specify. Other posts about it's sister board, the ecs k7s5a, say no, you can't run 1 gb ram with the sis 635 chipset. Sorry.
  2. I think I found something:

    Manual is available for 830 and 830L, not for 830LR; I read arounf that the "R" refers to "network adapter" version: anyone can confirm this?

    830L manual says board does support up to 1GB: does it mean I can choose among 2x512 and 1x1024 options?

    I also have different "flavours" for this board; are these data enough to determine board version?
    62-0112-001131-00101111-040201-SiS735$M830LRRelease 01/12/2002 S
    62-P190-001368-00101111-040201-SIS$K7S41190K7S41GX BIOS P1.90
    62-1121-001131-00101111-040201-SiS735$M830LRRelease 11/21/2001 S
  3. Pcchips is bottom of the barrel. If the ecs board won't run 1 gb sticks, then pcchips won't either. The max ram for the sis 735 chipset was originally designed for 1.5 gb in each pair of ram slots (you have to choose pc133 or pc2100, not both), but the board makers would have to design both slots to use 1 gb sticks, and I've never seen this before. Keep searching for reviews. Google is your friend.
  4. o1die, I didn't understand a word of what you wrote... :pt1cable: :(
  5. Those are the specifications for the sis 735 chipset which your motherboard uses. If you want to try 1 gig ram sticks, choose a vender that will let you return them if your board won't post or only recognizes 512 meg per stick. You may have to pay a restocking fee for returns. Newegg charges 15% which is the norm.
  6. I am running a pcchips m830lr with a single 1GB stick of RAM.

    My OS sees the 1GB no problem.

    The manual says "maximum installed memory is 1GB."

    Still, I'm going to try another 1GB stick anyhow.
  7. I put an old 256MB ddr dimm in there as well.
    The machine and OS now sees the 1.25GB of ram.

    I am running the 021029s bios.
    I may have a copy of it sitting around somewhere.

    This is truly a great machine.
    It runs FreeBSD really well.

    Rock on!
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