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Hello to all i have a question to make to the members of the forum.I am thinking about buying me a new graphic card , that would replace succesfully my old nvidia geforce 9600 gs.The computer i am using :

Intel Quad Core Q9450
nVIDIA GeForce 9600 GS with 768 mb
4 GB Ram

I see that at chipset shows me Nvidia mcp73.Don't know exactly what that means.

I would like to buy a good graphic card, not too expensive , but with wich i can play withouth problems games like crysis , cod4, farcry2 , and the games that will be realesed like bad company 2 or modern warfare 2.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Full system specifications.
  2. What application should i use to give you full imformations?
  3. Dxdiag, should suffice.
  4. Since you already have the old 8800GS 768MB the first step up in power that's really worthwhile is the HD4870 1GB from ATI or the GTX260 216 from Nvidia. Since the 58XX series just came out yesterday with the 5870 with the 5850 to follow in a 2 weeks, i'd wait to see the benchmarks on it before i'd buy a new graphic card. Much will depend on what your budget is.
  5. I have the old 9600 gs not 8800 GS
  6. Also: What case and Power supply models would help.
  7. the 8800GS and the 9600GSO are the same cards, just renamed is all.
  8. I have only 9600 gs , not gso .

    In the pic looks 3gb but i have 4:)

    My pc is actualy an Acer Aspire m5641 with the specs above!
  9. Well i use an Acer x223w with a his normal resoluion of 1680 x 1050 , but i use only 1280 x 960 now:)
  10. Well no one?:)
  11. 48701GB is probably the best price/performance card out (or the GTX 260 core 216 for a little more if you're into nvidia) and would give you a great increase in performance. Just make sure your PSU can handle it. Would you be able to give us your PSU's specs? Mainly the max Watts and 12v amps.
  12. What is psu?:D
  13. PSU: Power Supply Unit :)
  14. Ok i use A Power Supply made by Fsp Group INc , 400 W
  15. you should upgrade your PSU. the GTX 260 will need 500w psu as minimum requirement and the same goes with HD4870. and they also need two 6 pin power connector. get PSU from good maker like Corsair or FSP :)
  16. At that resolution you won't need the 48701gb. If cost is a concern save a few bucks and buy the 512mb. If that few bucks doesn't matter, and you plan on getting a higher resolution monitor in the future, the go for the 1gb.
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