Retro fitting HeatSinks

I found a source of dirt cheap n nice copper heatsinks. But they do not have retaining units nor are they specified for any slot. What would be stopping me from using the mounting hardware from another heatsink to make this work. So far I've found a website that sells a variety of heat sink retaining hardware separate from the complete units. I can already see some hardware that would work generically on most any heatsink made for a cpu. Has this been done before? Any advice?

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  1. FYI, I did not triple reply on purpose, it actually said the server was down when I tried to post... :non:
  2. Nothing from stopping you at all, I think it would be fun to create your own heatsink, just make sure the retention bracket is able to apply enough pressure and that the surface of the copper heatsink is flat (you could sand this down if it isnt flat). Use thermal paste to fill in any imperfections in the surface of the copper heatsink and what ever your cooling.

    Lastly post some pictures! :)
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