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I just build a new pc for Video Editing (workstation?) intel i7 2.66Ghz with a Gigabyte EX58-UD4P motherboard, a Velociraptor 150 GB 10,000RPM witch i install Vista 64bit and 2 x 750 on RAID 0, for video footage , Also 12 GB DDR3 RAM and 900W Power supply. I have 2 Nvidia 9600GT on SLI and i was thinking to buy Adobe's Premiere cs4. Now, I ve done a little research on the subject and it appears that premiere uses only 1 GPU for rendering on CUDA.... I was thinking to swap the two 9600GT and get GTX 295. then i heard for Nvidia's Quatro FX Series.
e.g (Quatro FX 1800). But i don't understand the difference between those two series. I only Know that Quatro fx is considered professional.?
Anyway i was wondering what is the difference between those two series (ALMOST SAME BUDGET) and what would be the best solution for me GTX295 or NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800.

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  1. As far as i know that Adobe Cs4 benefits from having Quadro FX rather than having gaming cards. If u do lots of video editing and dont game then buy the Quadro Fx it will give u more performance than a gaming card. And yes Cs4 only uses 1 Gpu so any 2nd gpu configuration will not get advantages. The difference between workstation graphics card and gaming cards are workstation cards are much more faster than a gaming card and have high quality customer service who do lots of video editing and related tasks, but sucks in gaming. On the other hand gaming cards play games smoothly. So if u just game for a little while and do lots of video editing then quadro is ur card.
  2. One more thing is if u want to game as well as having a good video editing cards maybe u may look into the newer ati radeon 5870 cards. I dont know how they perform in video editing but as far as i have seen they are quite fast handling video encoding. Just my thought anyways. U better take suggestions from couple of others before u decide because u r investing quite a good amount of money and at last if u are not satisfied it wouldnt be good.
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