Case fan configuration on Zalman Z9 Plus

I have a question about case fan configuration on Zalman Z9 Plus.

You can see the case here.

Case has 7 fan slots (120 or 140 mm):

- 1 front
- 1 rear
- 1 bottom
- 2 top
- 2 side

I plan to use front, bottom and side fans as intake and rear and top fans as exhaust. I'm also going to use Zalman CNPS9900 MAX that will blow in the direction of rear fan.

However, I'm not sure about the top fan that is closer to the front. If I use it as exhaust, will it "steal" airflow from CPU cooler? Would it be a good idea to use it as intake instead? Or would that disrupt the airflow too much? Should I just leave that slot unused?

If I understand the case design correctly, bottom side fan will blow air over GPU and top side fan will blow air next to CPU cooler so that it can suck it in and cool CPU. That's why role of top fan just above that area confuses me.

Thanks for help.
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  1. Id Say.... Front = In, Rear = Out, Bottom = In, The Top Closest To The CPU = Out, Second Top = Unoccupied, Both Sides = In

    Go With A Balance Of High CFM (60+ CFM) And Tolarable Noise Levels For Your Faster Exausts (More On That In A Bit...), And Make Sure Your Intakes (Ins) Are SLIGHTLY Slower (By Say, 10CFM Or So) Than Your Exausts

    My Case Has A Simular Setup And Thats The Most Efficiant Way I Found After Several Different Configurations
  2. I suppose intakes should be slower because there are 4 intakes and only 2 exhausts?

    I'm going to use Scythe Kaze Q8 fan controller, it has 5-12V voltage regulation, but there are only regulation knobs and no display that shows actual voltage and/or RPM. I hope that won't be a problem.

    As for fans, I'm going to use the 4 stock fans that come with Zalman Z9 Plus and I'll buy additional 2. I'm trying to decide between Cooler Master BC and SickleFlow. BC seems to be quieter, but SickleFlow moves more air. Xigmatek XLF is also an option.
  3. Yes That Why You Choose SLIGHTLY Slower Fans, I Wouldnt Bother With Fan Seed Sdjustment, Its Was Was Of $$ Really Your Better Off Having All Your Fan (CPU Included) Runnin 100%, 100% of The Time, I see Fan Speed Adjustment $$s Better Spent Elsewhere, And Isnt The Part Of Computing Automation? More Air Is Better, And With 120mm Fans (120mm Is What Im Asuming Anyway) It Perfectly Possible To Have Those In A 70 - 80CFM Range Without Being Overly Loud, I Like To be Able To Hear My Fans That Way I Know For A Fact That They Are Functioning But There Are Limits.

    But Nah Man Its Your PC Its All Up To You :)
  4. I Would Also Like To Point Out That My PC Is Overclocked By 1.1GHz
  5. I honestly don't understand what you were trying to say in your last post. :/
  6. Is the bigest mistake what you can do.The outake must be higher than intake or at least equal.If is not like in your computer case will 4 in , and 2 out,and hot air will gone be inside and under presure because 2 fans can't pull out the intake from 4 fans.My advice is to have 1 front,1 1 bottom, 2 top,1rear and is a perfect balanced air cooled sistem.
  7. sorry 1 bottom
  8. From what I've read, positive air pressure (intake > exhaust) is better than negative air pressure (exhaust > intake).
  9. hey sublime2k,

    I think it's a verry good idea. I got exactly the same zalman Z9. I also wanted to buy 3 more fans. My idea where to place them was exactly the same.
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