Too many OC options - help

In the past, I've just adjusted everything in the BIOS for my builds. My instincts tell me that's still the best way to do things...but now I have all these tools from both my board's software, and the GPU software.

Asus AI Suite II
Asus Smart Doctor
Gamer OSD

Don't have, but am considering looking at the MSI afterburner.

So my question is, what should control what? I don't want to have 100 conflicting drivers / software competing to control clock speeds, fan speeds, voltages, and temperatures.

What I do want is at least one simple all-in-one system monitor though.

What do you all recommend?
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  1. First recommendation - learn to use the BIOS. Avoid any Windows OC utilities.

    Second recommendation: use an AMD BE or Intel K CPU.

    Third recommendation - leave the memory settings completely stock and just work with the CPU multiplier and voltage. This makes those CPU's really easy to overclock.

    Monitoring software? I haven't seen any one program that does what I need. Minimum is CPU-Z to monitor CPU speed and memory something like RealTemp or CoreTemp to monitor CPU temps.
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