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I want to stick with AMD since there prices kill intel, but what is drawing me away is motherboard options. I understand AMD isn't the fastest anymore, but it seems like very few motherboard manufactures even attempt to offer fully loaded motherboards with the AM3 socket.
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  1. Try the gigabyte Motherboards!
    Always good performance & VFM!
  2. Yeah I really want to get a micro ATX motherboard with Sli, DDR3 support, and USB 3.0/sata 6Gb/s...Looks like they don't even have this board yet for the ATX form factor unless you go to Intel.
  3. Of course AMD isnt going to support SLI on their boards.. common sense, they want people to buy their ATI products so they can crossfire... there a very few nvidia chipsets for the AM3 platform yea, if you want SLi your basically stuck with intel
  4. ^no, it's more like nVidia won't allow SLI on non SLI certified boards. They only allow certifications on the newer intel based boards because they have to as they don't have chipsets for them.

    The 750a and 780a (renamed the 980a recently) chipsets support AM3 and DDR3, but only MSI is currently making boards with those chipsets. NVIDIA isn't pushing their AMD chipsets much, and they aren't allowing SLI certification for AMDs own 700 family of chipsets, so that's why it is the way it is. Anyway, there are plenty of loaded full ATX AM3 Crossfire boards, but if you're into MicroATX that's mostly for the budget and HTPC crowd so the motherboards are tailored accordingly.
    Here comes the AMD board with all the things you want :)
    Available soon
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