Fresh Win7 x64 Install - Subpar C300 Performance


I finally decided to buy an SSD and the choice fell on the 128GB version of the C300. I'm using the SSD in a Packard Bell laptop running SATA II for now, but I plan to move it to my desktop as soon as my new case comes in. AHCI is enabled. There, it will run in SATA III on a Z68 chipset.

However, benchmarks don't quite seem to be where they should be. Especially writes seem to be scoring far too low.

I have benchmarked the drive with AS-SSD:

Could it simply be the result of installing a massive amount of Windows Updates that caused the drive to slow down? I have written 25GB of data in a few hours. Does that hurt performance significantly for a short period of time until TRIM kicks in? If not, any other ideas what might be wrong?
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  1. the drive is probably performing poorly because of the SATA II connection. it doesnt seem to be that bad to me tho.
  2. I'm in agreement with r3xx3r on your benchmark. It doesn't look bad for the SSD on the laptop versus a PC. I won't worry too much about your current performance numbers :D
  3. Alright, cheers, that's good to know! I ran another benchmark and the 4k writes were about twice as high, so maybe something was a bit screwed up on that first run.

    Looking forward to seeing how it will perform on an Intel SATA III port...
  4. Loaded up my new rig now and this is the result:

    Seems to be where it should be I think? Sequential reads, sequential writes and 4K reads are definitely fine. Not sure what I should expect from the other benchmarks but I guess they look good too?

    I think there was something flakey with the 4K-64Thrd benchmark in my first post.
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