help me with my internet connectivity problem?

A computer running windows xp 32 bit at my work for some reason all of a sudden cant connect to the internet neither through lan or WIFI.

it has a 100mpbs connection and says its connected but when i click the browser it says proxy at the bottom left hand corner .

ive tried everything from auto repair to pinging the dns server and looking at ipconfig etc

heres a ipconfig screen shot if it helps

and also this happened shortly after a network multi scanner printer was installed but i dont believe any network settings were changed , the internet through lan is through a sonic wall router and a belkin router.

any ideas? :/
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  1. Check that the IP isn't configured to manual, how i see, the is a public adress and not a DHCP adress.
  2. i checked the boxes in the internet properties to get its information automatically, if thats not what you are talking about how do you recommend i set it up to get it to get it from DHCP automatically?
  3. The configuration is good, now check that the DCHP have IP availables.
  4. im pretty sure i set dhcp upto 100 , i tried changing the ip to like .50 too and nothing, but ill check the settings today .

    weird little problem
  5. Another option is make the IP reserved by MAC adress.
  6. i looked on google but couldnt find how to do that , mind telling me how?
  7. In the DHCP, select an IP, a reserved....jejeje give me more time, see the DCHP in my work and tell you in another moment.
  8. baffled
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