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Ok firstly I am a complete armature.

I upgrade my factory standard HP Pavilion which is less than a year old with an ATI HD 5870 Graphics card, which barley fit in the case then I had to upgrade the PSU to a Blue Diamond 750w which doesn’t fit in the case so I need a new case, then I found out my mother board is not compatible... something to do with it being x8 & my Card being a x16...???

Anyway cut a long story short I decided to just go for it & build my own monster of a Rig, I hear the Intel i7 CPU are really good so I would like Mother Board that would fit that & Cross Fire 2x ATI HD 5870’s... oh & enable me to have lots of DDR3 RAM. Any Suggestions?

Budget wise I am not a zillionaire but I do have a passion for gaming so why not... I know this is the Mother Board section but any advice on these new i7’s would be good, how do they compare to quad core? Are they quad core?

Any advice on cooling too... when I connected that card it’s got red hot in like 20min so in the future when I want two of them I am gonna have to get Mini AirCon unit or something lol
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What is your budget?
  2. For the mother board... $200n:/
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    Well, with that budget you can get this mobo, that's very good.

    Now, if you want the best. Get THIS
  4. Awesome thanks man... I am dead tempted to get the better one but as I want to build this beast as the money roles in if I get this one I might have to hold off on upgrading my CPU... so will this Mother Board (The Best one out of the two you recommended) Support my old CPU & RAM which is:

    Intel Core (™) 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz

    2x 2GB Kingston RAM

    Thanks for your help though anyway you saved me a thousand hours of research :D
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  6. No, your old CPU is a differencet socket. The i7 is socket 1366 or 1156 and your old processor is socket 775.

    Now, for the RAM is the same. I think that your RAM is DDR2, both of them mobos only support DDR3
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