My e-machine wont load windows

I have already reinstalled the windows/emachines cd and configured to its original factory format (full restored). So, yes, I reformatted my pc but still wouldn't load the windows and pc runs in a continuous loop not letting me to get in even if I try the safe mode option. I also have a boot cd that checks for computer problems and found no problems. I have already also run a virus scan, no virus found, of course I have reformatted my computer 3 times already. The funny thing is that when I insert the reformatting cd and when it ask me if I want to continue or quit, if I hit quit I am able to go to windows. So, the only way to load windows is through having the original cd for reformat inserted in my computer and quit to restore.
Please, help me here, what should I do to be able to boot my windows normally again.

Pat Smith
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  1. What error do you get? What exactly does the PC do?
  2. the message says: windows didn't start successfully. a recently hardware/software installation maybe caused that (its is a regular text page that gives you the option to restart in safe mode and windows mode). the computer loops and loops back and forth to this standard black and white page.
    like I said before, I have already restore my computer to its original format 3 times, and can not make it work. let me know what you think it is.
  3. Try removing any cards that were not there when the PC was new. If that does not help you likely have a hardware issue, such as bad memory.
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