I am trying to replace my original 100gb IDE hard drive with a new 160gb drive. I have cloned the original with Norton Ghost and am having a problem with the physical installation. The old drive has a light aluminium (I think) plate (I think it's a guide) that is held to the drive with two screws on each side. It's sort of a U shape. It covers the complete bottom of the drive, comes up the sides and folds over the top about 3/8". It looks like the drive should slide out of it from the front of the drive but I can't budge it. I see nothing else holding it in place. I am wary of applying pressure to the rear of the drive to force it out of the "plate/guide". I do not wish to touch or bend any of the contact pins on the rear. Anyone have any suggestions???
Bill Sr.
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  1. Take out the 2 screws and the drive should slide out. This is a bracket that holds the drive so you can slide it into the computer. You may have to put a little pressure on the drive to slide it out if it has been in the computer for a long time. Then do the reverse to put the new drive into the bracket.
  2. Martin, Thanks for the reply. As I stated on my original post I see no other screws holding the "bracket" onto the drive. In fact the drive is out of the computer with the "bracket" still attached to the drive. Yes, the drive has been in the computer for a long time but I still cannot see/find anything holding the "bracket" to the drive. I wonder if there may be a hidden label sandwiched between the bottom of the drive and the "bracket" sticking everything together? Believe me, I have put enough pressure on it to make it slide out, any more and something will break. I don't know what "two screws" your refering to? I removed two screws on each side of the drive holding the "bracket". Is that the screws your refering to?
    Bill Sr.
  3. Mr Martin, I got the "bracket" off the drive. I bent the sides back out of the way and the drive poped clear. I now have the new drive installed and working perfectly. Thank you for your assistance.
    Bill Sr.
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