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is it worth upgrading to a 3.8GHz pentium 4 if my motherboard supports it? im trying not to spend to much on uprading my pc.
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  1. no, even if it's free the netburst P4s run really hot and would need better cooling or would cause your fans to go nuts, save up and buy athlon/pheonon/i5/i7/etc.
  2. No unless you are upgrading from something like a 1.8 - 2.4Ghz Northwood.
    But not work spending more then 50$

    Am2+ Motherboard
    2x1gig ram kingston DDR2-800

    Should cost you quite a bit less then 200$ and will be a day and night difference over any P4's
  3. 3.8ghz p4?

    there really is one
  4. yeah. its the pentium 4 670 and 672. you can buy them for like $120 on ebay
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