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Guys, i was wondering my AMD Athlon 64 Single Processor 3400+ (2.2GHz) with HyperTransport Technology with a Nvidia 8800GTS graphics card 512mb and 512 mb of ram. I want to increase my computers speed, im always getting the pop up saying i dont have enough virtual memory, can i just increase my ram to 2Gigs to play games like, WoW, LoL, Dragonica, CoD, TeamFortress 2 and Prototype?
Advice here would be a great help :D
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Yeah, with 2GB RAM you can increase the virtual memory 'till 3GB. Read this 2 articles.
  2. thanks man, but im using 2x256mb rams, so i was just planning to add 2g extra to make it 2.5g would that work? Especially for my games.
  3. Well, that's another thing.

    Today, a high percent of the games needs 2 core or more, so, my 1st advice. You need change your CPU, and with the change of CPU, you need change the mobo, and RAM.

    Now, for upgrade your current RAM, you need check the amount of RAM that your current mobo support, and what specifications must have this.
  4. but just increasing my ram by 2 gig would really help right? cause i found the right ram to buy. 1g each ram.
  5. Yeah, that would help, but make you sure that your mobo support the 2GB of the RAM that you want install.
  6. yeah the max i can go with this computer is 4g i checked online :D 2gig would technically improve it likecrazy right? considering that im only using 512mb now and upgrading to 2.5g right?
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