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Hello everyone,

I've purchased a Corsair 120GB force 3 last week. And it was unfortunate that it has a lot of issues and it was recalled from I have returned the ssd today.

Here is my system spec.

GA-X58A-UD7 (rev 1.0)
CORE I7-950
1 500 GB WD
1 2TB WD Caviar BLACK
1 1TB WD Caviar BLACK

My dilemma is this, I'm still planning to buy another SSD as a replacement but I'm not sure about the following. I did my research as much as I can but can't seem to find a clear answer.

1) Marvel (SATA3) vs ICH10R(SATA2) - my issue here is that Marvell has a bad reputation in terms of drivers and trims. From what I've experience on the Force 3 with freezes and BSODs. I tried running it on SATA2 but I only get half of the specified speed. Honestly, compare to HDD it's still fast but I'm hoping I could experience the actual speed. So I'm a bit reluctant to buy another SATA3 SSD if I will not be able to use the full specs performance. My question here are
* Is it still worth buying a SATA3 SSD if I will only use to on SATA2 header?
* If I buy, let say, 250mb/s SATA2 will I get the whole specs speed or will I also get half or less of the specs. If this is the case then should I just buy a SATA3 with high read/write speed at least even if I got half of e.g. 500mb/s I still have 250mb/s as speed.

2) The price of 120gb ssd is almost the same as 2 64GB SSD. My question here is:
* I'm new to RAID and I can't seem to grasp what it actually means, All I understand is it speeds up performance but what I'm wondering is if I do RAID 0 2 64GB is it equivalent to 120GB space wise? Sorry to be thick...

3) I read about SATA controller cards and RocketRaids.
* Is there any difference? I'm just wondering if I should buy 1 of this to be able to use SATA3 instead of the onboard SATA3.

Many Thanks in Advance.

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  1. i would stick with a 120GB drive, 2 64GB drives in RAID 0 would give you about 128GB and potentially be faster, but id still stick with the 120GB in case you want to add another later.

    You will never achieve the stated speeds because they are under IDEAL conditions which dont exist.

    i would still buy a SATA 3 SSD even if u will use it at SATA 2 because eventually you might want to upgrade to a SATA 3 capable board (not the crappy marvel SATA 3 u have now)

    i would not spend the ridiculous amount of money on a raid/sata controller
  2. Wow! Thanks for the quick response. Would you recommend any SSDs? I have my eye on OCZ Vertex 3 or OCZ Agility 3 or Crucial RealSSD 120GBs SSDs. Thanks again.
  3. Most relaible SSD's are Intel drives (Intel 320 & Intel 510). The fastest drives are OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS & Patriot Wildfire. In between the two are Crucial m4 / C300 drives.

    I would look at the OCZ Vertex 3 MI drive myself but based on price, the Patriot might be a very nice option.
  4. Thanks for that. Another question IOPS, force 3 has 85k will there be difference. I'm just wondering if it's worth to wait for corsair to fix the issue or wait for the other force GT.
  5. My recommend to either wait for the RMA drive / fix on Corsair or go with OCZ. OCZ has the best track record for keeping firmware update to provide better performance or fix those "bugs" seen from time to time :)
  6. Thanks. The RMA is actually for refund. Because I was told that it was recalled. I guess I'm just happy to have experienced using SSD. Thanks again.
  7. 2 x 64GB SSD on that ICH10R would be much faster than 1 x 128GB on the Marvell 9128 on that board or even any other Raidcard under about $200.
  8. is this even on let say 2 sata 3 60gb on raid on sata 2 headers?
  9. yep.. I have the UD5 version and the Intel's raided speed along with excellent driver caching is very nice. Think of it as a poor mans larger and faster sata3 drive. lol

    Raid isn't nearly as problematic as many make it out to be and I run it on every chip possible on my board along with a raidcard. Trick is to pair up a fast OS drive with a fast storage solution. Raids will do just that with much improved multitasking and bandwidth between volumes.

    As for buying/using sata3 on sata2 boards?.. I wouldn't invest too heavily into older tech unless the price is absurdly cheap. You'll wish you had just made the jump to sata3 when you do a system upgrade later on. Heck.. even if you upgrade your systems OS drive again at that point?.. you'd much rather "hand me down" sata3 drives.. than an old slow sata2.
  10. true. Thanks for that groberts101. I think that's what I'm going to do. This may be off the topic but I'm just wondering, If I raid 2 SSDs does this mean that I will not use the AHCI? The reason why I ask because when I went to BIOS and change RAID XHD to ACHI the RAID functionality become disabled.

    Honestly, I haven't done any RAID and probably I need to ask my best friend google... just thought to ask. Thanks again.
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