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What is the difference between the ASUS M4a785td-v evo and the M4a79xtd evo? I know that the 785 has on board graphics and less sata ports with a different NB and SB but is that it?
If so which NB/SB is the better choice for just one stand alone graphics card?
The price difference is about 37.00$ right now till the first of March on and well I'd like to know before that date.
I have tried searching for the difference on the two 785g and the 790x but it always ends up about the 790GX. I don't care about the on board graphics as I said I'm buying a Graphics card Its all about the price right now.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. I tried a google search: 785g vs 790gx and pulled up quite a few articles talking about the differences.

    I believe it's mostly the integrated GPU that is changed - I believe the 790gx has a ATI 3300 GPU and the 785g has a 4200, though I believe performance is remarkably similar.

    If you are planning on putting your own graphics card on it, the integrated graphics should not make too much of a difference, I don't believe.
  2. Thank you for the respond but I would like to know the difference not between the 785g and the 790gx but the (785g and the 790x)
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