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I want to setup a raid but all my drives have existing files on it. My question is do I need to reformat the drives before setting this up or can I just set this up without deleting files. I'm just worried that I will lose all my important files i.e. family pictures and stuff.

My System spec is
GA-X58A-UD7 (rev 1.0)
CORE I7-950
1 500 GB WD
1 2TB WD Caviar BLACK
1 1TB WD Caviar BLACK

Another question, If I do a raid let say 2 60GB SSD, is that going to be 120GB in total? Sorry for the stupid question.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Since you have 3 drives that all are different, why would you want to use them in a RAID configuration? If you add them to a RAID, then you'll lose everything. In addition, important data should always be backed up (a RAID is not a backup solution).
    Another question, If I do a raid let say 2 60GB SSD, is that going to be 120GB in total? Sorry for the stupid question.
    Only if you setup a RAID 0, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  2. Sho does raids only works on identical hdds? The reason why I want a raids because my 500 gb is very slow I just used atto benchmark just to see the speeds of the drives and my 2tb is actually 4 times faster.
  3. Drives don't have to be identical, but you may not want to use the 500 GB if it's very slow. Replacing it with a faster drive should be the first step. Assuming that you want speed and you don't care about data loss because you perform backups on a regular basis, you could use the 500 GB, the 1 TB and the 2 TB in a RAID 0 configuration to create a 1.5 TB array (3 x 500 GB). Then you could use the remaining 500 GB on the 1 TB drive and 500 GB on the 2 TB drive to create a 1 TB RAID 0, etc. You could also create a 2 TB RAID 0 with the 1 TB and half of the 2 TB, etc. While the ICH10R is very flexible, using identical drives makes much more sense. RAID 1 or RAID 5 would provide no measurable speed improvements.

    Regardless of what you decide to do, backup your data as RAID 0 will significantly increase the risks of data loss. Never assume that hard disks don't fail.
  4. Thanks for the response. If that's the case then I'm actually better of waiting for a good ssd as all my important files are backed up.
  5. It sounds like you took the right decision.
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