Ethernet port on ASUS P7P55D pro not working?

Hey everyone i've recently put together using an ASUS P7P55d PRO motherboard and i'm having ongoing issues with getting internet on it, The ethernet port isn't working (I think). Now, at first i did try installing the motherboard support CD which allowed it to find my internet for about a day and now I get home and it's not working again. I've tried various Ethernet cables because at first I thought it was my modem broken (we had a power surge, although everything's surge protected).
I'm using a DLINK modem and i'm with Telecom New Zealand and yes I have tried re-installing the motherboard support CD.
Any ideas?

Thanks all,
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  1. Start, run, cmd, and write this:

    ping, is don't have answer your ethernet port is dead. After try with ping

    Other solution, install a new ethernet card and try with this.
  2. Is it found in the hardware monitor?
  3. I'm having a similar problem. I'm getting a reaction from the "cmd - ping solution. I also show in the Device Manager - Network Adapters no yellow explanation point or anything wrong. I just got a new modem because I thought it was the problem. Here's what happens.
    My internet is plugged into the modem = green light
    Modem power = green light
    DSL = green light

    now when I plug the ethernet cord into my router I get the green light = all lights on my modem.
    I remove the ethernet cord end from my router and plug it straight into my desktop, still being plugged into the modem, and the ethernet light on the modem turns off and my desktop still doesn't recognize I have connected to modem or internet.

    The PC shows that there is nothing wrong with the port but when I connect the port to the modem it doesn't work. I'm at a loss here.
  4. This is my issue: sounds similar...


    I've just completed a build of a home PC with the P7P55D LE motherboard.

    Previously I had XP on another PC and my internet was rock solid.

    Now when I reboot my new windows 7 PC it reports that the internet is down.

    I have to reset the router or sometimes by disabling and re-enabling the on-board NIC on the m/b it comes back up.

    I have tried the following:

    reducing the lan speed to 100 full.
    disabling all the wol features
    disablign the green feature within the network card.

    Any ideas before I purchase a PCI network card to see if the problem IS the m/b?


    Just to add when the internet locks up I can still access the Routers setup page via a browser session.
    All the lights on the router appear as normal, however windows 7 reports there being a problem with the internet...which the "helper" tries to diagnose and comes back with "unknown error"
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