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Ok i have been having this trouble for over a week. I built a system a while back and had ubuntu on it and was able to burn dvd/cd's just fine. I switched to windows 7 and have not been able to do anything since. It reads just fine. It just wont burn. I have an asus drw-24b1st and have removed and readded the drivers so many times. I am lookign for any advice on what to do. Windows says i have the proper drivers and everything but it just wont burn! I am also looking online and found a samsung shs-223 for 15 bucks unopened and was thinking about trying that in its place. Is this a good dvd drive. it is a 3 year old model i believe.
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  1. For $15, if it works, you can't go wrong. Latest prices are around $20. Items like this I don't like to buy online, because if I have to RMA it, there goes $9 (plus the merchant will charge me a re-stocking fee).
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