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I am building a new system and i was wondering if it is worth it to get GTX 285. I mean can you feel the difference between different GTX cards when working in 2D/3D programs? I know that in games it makes a great difference but i dont know about graphic and video programs.
For example GTX 260 + is twice cheaper than GTX 285. I am not planning to play games on my computer, i'm gonna use it for 3d/2d graphics and video editing. I heard that gtx 2** are better than HD 4***. What do you think?

Pls help me out

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  1. There is no point to get Geforce GTX 285 while it is still costing a lot like $340 on Newegg and it is just a super clocked GTX 280 of the older generation from NVIDIA with only DirectX 10. You could have get Radeon HD 5870 which is now only $40 more than Geforce GTX 285 which is also much faster than Geforce GTX 285 and supporting DirectX 11 or you could get Radeon HD 5850 which is cheaper like for about $320 and much faster than Geforce GTX 285 as well as supporting DirectX 11. Also, Radeon HD 5800 series also support the new Blu Ray High Definition Audio for your Full HD videos.

    You can also wait for the Radeon HD 5800 series' prices to come down or getting Radeon HD 5700 series which will come by October and they would be cheaper than Radeon HD 5800 series.

    We are quickly moving to DirectX 11 and OpenCL so it is better for you not to miss them...
  2. Thanks for the advice, but here in my country HD5*** nowhere to be found :((( that's why i choose GTX 285 over HD4890 (strongest one that can be find)
  3. If you aren't gaming even a GTX 260 is massive overkill and you aren't likely to see any real difference between it and a much cheaper card. The HD58xx suggestion was just silly.
  4. I know that in most of the 3d/2d apps graphic card works only for the interface and viewports, thats why i am not sure what to get, and will i get some big difference....
  5. I'd say an HD4650 or 9500GT is probably the most you could possibly need. If you really want to spend more than that go for an HD4670 or at maximum an HD4770. Those are really gaming cards but at least they are power efficient.
  6. so it doesnt kame big difference what card am gonna buy since i am not playing games?
  7. another think i want to ask if there is any difference between the cards for example gtx260, but from different brand like inno3d, GB, palit ....
  8. Since you are mainly using the system for graphics design/video editing, I suggest you get a professional workstation card. They are optimized to improve performance for specific workstation applications. Support and warranty are usually better than gaming card. They also come with ECC memory, which are designed to make less error and be able to work 24/7.

    Considering that you are under tight budget I recommend one of these two cards.

    ATI FirePro V3750 256MB $142.99


    Quadro FX580 512MB $184.99

    Other options

    Suggested reading
    Nvidia Quadro FX vs. ATI FirePro

    Gaming Versus Workstation,2258.html,2154.html
  9. Hi ibnsina,
    I was searching on the net about the quadro vs gtx in some graphic forums and people there advice that if you want to feel the difference when using quadro is if you get a FX 1700 and up... but here that card is like 1/3 -1/2 plus from the price of gtx 285 (i dont have the budget), and lower than FX 1700 its hard to find, and ATI FirePro cant find it anywhere, so i am kind a stuck with gtx2** and hd4***
    I want to find the bang-for-buck option for my computer
  10. I would go with the HD4850 or the HD4670. Get plenty of onboard memory; other than that, you aren't going to see too much gain in 2D/3D and video editing unless you are into some SERIOUS applications that support specific GPU processing.

    The 4670 is nice in that it has good performance and doesn't require a 6-pin power connector...uses less energy, creates less heat, and is quiet!
  11. If you look in the following Toms reviews, FirePro V3600($100) and Quadro FX 570 ($ 170) outperforms Radeon 4870 ($149.99) and GeForce GTX 280 ($339.99) by considerable margins.

    Look at the Gaming card results (in page 10) then compare against FirePro V3600 and Quadro FX 570 in Viewperf benchmarks results (page 8/9),2154.html,2258.html
  12. DirectX 11 library and OpenCL might give you a lot of benefits for your 3D application and 3D graphic editing and that is what Game developers are using for their real-time 3D world. OpenCl might be the future's standard Physics engine and DirectX 11 will improve your 3D graphics quality and not just for games but for your 3D application that support DirectX 11 library for editing 3d graphics.

    Unfortunately, the cheaper DX 11 video cards will come later so you might have to wait or risk to miss DX 11 capable graphics and OpenCL....

    I don't think that you would be disappoint at the end if you manage to get a DX 11 video card which also support OpenCL for your 3D graphics....
  13. Hi! Just wanted to say that some 3D apps have really annoying bugs if you do not use a good workstation graphics card. or at least my graphicscard in Maya, it worked fine in Vista, but I went back to xp and I am having issues in Maya only. not any other program that I can think of. But I only use that for 3d. The thing I know of it is that Nvida say that my graphic card have OpenGL 3.5 support or something. but it doesn't support the openGL rotating canvas in Photoshop cs4. so I would recommend a Quadro or fireGL card. atleast if you want to be able to use the software out there properly =)
  14. Just go HD 5770? it suports dx11/3monitors/ATI Stream. Its as powerfull as HD48701GB on single GPU, and rapes a HD5850 on crossfire.
    And all this for 160$ on new egg...
    I dont think you can ask for anything more..
  15. The OP is not in the US and does not have the 5 series available to them.
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