Best temperature & fan control app for Core i7-860?

I have a newly built core i7-860 system, mobo=Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 (socket 1156), running 64 bit Win 7.

I'm looking for an app that accurately displays the CPU / core temperatures and give me the ability to control the CPU fan speed.

There just seems to be too many such apps out there - Core Temp, SpeedFan, Thermal Analysis Tool, Real Temp, etc.

Can someone help me parse through the muck and tell me which one(s) I should use for my system?
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  1. Real Temp seems to be the most accurate/best of them in my experience.

    Core Temp is a great program too.

    SpeedFan is relatively popular as well, and should let you control fan speeds. Although you can also setup different fan speeds based on temps in your BIOS on most motherboards.

    All depends on what exactly you want to do.

    If accurate temp readings are your primary goal, I'd visit the Real Temp Forums
  2. I have tried a few of those programs, it seems that they are pretty consistent in their readings, so really I can stick to either SpeedFan or RealTemp. Although what's weird is that both these programs report lower temperatures than when I go into the BIOS.

    Just now, after my system has been running for a while, when I reboot and go into the BIOS (Gigabyte board), it reports average idle temps of each core being 36 C. And then after window loads and RealTemp loads, the temps for each core reported there is significantly lower - around 29C.

    SpeedFan also seems useless in regulating the CPU fan speed - it's spinning near 1049 RPM no matter what.

    Maybe my mobo has a setting that's not letting SpeedFan do its job?
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