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I need advice on what new graphics card to buy.
I am not happy with my current graphics card since i cant play new high demanding games at high detail and high resolution.
I would like to purchase a graphics card (and make) that can play new games at high detail and maybe 1080p resolution.
There is one catch because i am only willing to pay £80-£130.
Any help would be appreciated thanks
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  1. Unfortunately, there are no good newest generation of gaming cards that support highest game detail and high resolutions that are going to cost around 80 - 130 pound sterlings. Most of them tend to be more expensive like the high-end cards or at least performance level cards (Radeon HD 5800 and HD 5700 series). If you are going to be gaming at 1920-1080 resolution with high detail then Radeon HD 5800 or Radeon HD 5700 series would be the best options but they are going to cost more. :ouch:

    If Radeon HD 5800 series are too expensive for you then you can wait for Radeon HD 5700 series which will due in October and would be cheaper than HD 5800 series or wait for Radeon HD 5600 series which would be even more cheaper so you would not have to miss DX 11 but Radeon HD 5800 series would offer faster performance with high game detail on higher resolutions. :o

    Otherwise, you risk to go back and get a much cheaper older generation DX 10/DX 10.1 high end cards like Radeon HD 4850 / HD 4870 / Geforce GTX 275 but you would miss DX 11 and OpenCL and you certainly don't wanna do that... :ouch:

    For the moment:

    Radeon HD 5870 is $380
    Radeon HD 5850 is $320

    My prediction of Radeon HD 5700 and HD 5600 series' price:

    Radeon HD 5770 could possibly be $280 (my prediction)
    Radeon HD 5750 could possibly be $220 (my prediction)
    Radeon HD 5670 could possibly be $180 (my prediction)
    Radeon HD 5650 could possibly be $120 (my prediction)

    The problem is that Radeon HD 5750 at around the price you requested (130 pound sterlings or around $220) might not be fast enough in some games for high resolutions with high game details. You got to check the video card's benchmarks at the resolution and game's detail levels that you wanted to game with. It also depends on what resolutions your monitor can support too. Anyway, Good Luck! :)
  2. whoooo
    thats a bit too out there for me lol
    since im only 14.
    What resolution would look descent on a 1080p monitor screen.
    If not 1080p maybe 720p
    OK new question..
    Whats the best graphics card for my price
  3. This is a pretty good card for 1080p;
    It's about 2-3x better than the card you have now.
    Feel free to safely ignore the other response unless you want to wait several months to see if there will be a DX11 card in your price range that's worth bothering with.
  4. Or if you want to play the waiting game the 5850 should be here soonish, listed at Scan for £202 but if it's fast enough performance wise then what's the chances of the cheapest GTX275, currently £160, dropping nearer the £100 - £130 mark?
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